About me

Hi, I’m Paul O’Brien

paul-obrienI both live and work in Hillingdon, West London. I’ve worked within the IT and Technology industry for close to 20 years, specialising in email and SMS delivery.

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Google G Suite

I’ve used Google G Suite from way back in 2006, when it was then called Google Apps for Your Domain. I am very passionate and knowledgeable about G Suite and enjoy all my work around it. g-suite-by-google-cloud

I genuinely love most things Google and have an inner hatred for most things Microsoft. My goal is to educate people to the many benefits of G Suite, and by doing so move as many as possible away from complicated solutions like Microsoft 365.

As I have already helped many clients migrate to G Suite. I decided that from February 2017 I would dedicate most of my time to earning a Google G Suite Partner badge and work with G Suite full time.

Google have provided me with a dedicated referral site, which can be viewed at https://paulobrien.ongooglesolutions.com

A little bit about my background.

When I started back in 1997 I was reselling desktop based bulk email software. As technology evolved and software started to switch to the cloud, I founded the popular frog1PAYG email marketing platform www.newslettersender.com website. (which has since migrated to SharpSpring)

I launched a mobile phone ringtone site at the same time the annoying frog was everywhere. Then developed both www.yapyap.co.uk and virtualcallmanager.com before selling the businesses on. In between these busy times I have had many consulting roles as well as holding the position of Technical Director for an automotive tech company and a CTO role for an online digital magazine.


And last but in no one least, there is Business Call Manager which is my 2nd dabble into virtual call management.

Nominet Member and Tag Holder


For the last 10 years I have been both a member and tag holder for the UK’s domain registrar Nominet.