A Quick Introduction

I’ve been wanting to create a blog for a few years now, but have always become stuck when it comes to the subject of my blog. I didn’t want to write about the many books I’ve read, the films I’ve seen or the many Netflix series I am currently hooked to.

grammar for grown-ups

In the past I have written about email marketing and email delivery, as I have had a ton of experience in this field, it made sense but if I am honest I found the subject a little dull as it was just writing about what I done everyday.

So, against all the advice I’ve read online about starting a blog, I have decided not to concentrate on a single subject, but go with the flow, see which types of posts get traction (if any) and take it from there.

One thing to note – I love to write but grammar isn’t something that comes natural to me. I didn’t do overly well at school in English and like many adults, I have ignored my lack of grammatical skills for way to long. I have just purchased a great book by Craig Shrives called Grammar For Grown-Ups which I plan to use throughout my writing, as well as referencing Craig’s fantastic website Grammar Monster.

But please bare with me should I make any mistakes.

Hopefully my grammar will improve over time