VIP Email Marketing

What is VIP Email Marketing

VIP Email Marketing is aimed towards businesses who need a level of service that is rarely offered by the main players in the industry.

Unlike most of my competitors, I have been doing this for close on twenty years, I understand the mechanics behind sending email and have worked with companies who send upwards of 20 million emails per month.

Most companies will do their own marketing in-house or have a specialist agency to manage it for them. They often spend a small fortune building fantastic email campaigns, only to have them delivered by an EMS (email marketing supplier) who has a poor delivery reputation or an inadequate infrastructure.

That’s where I come in

Knowing the best practices, understanding the mechanics and having years of knowledge under my belt allows me to offer a true VIP service. I have my own in-house email marketing solution to manage your database and send your campaigns. You can manage everything yourself via my platform with me in the background to assist when needed. Or I can manage the whole process for you.

Custom development isn’t an issue, nor is sending from your own domain(s). The beauty of this service is that it’s tailored for you, the VIP customer.

I understand that each business is different and unique so I don’t work with set monthly packages, you tell me what you need and together we will build the ideal solution.

Free Email Delivery Audit – For all new clients

Before I send a single email for a client, I will run a full delivery audit on their previous campaigns and their data. This is to ensure they are fully GDPR compliant and using all best practices.

The VIP Treatment

I don’t use ticket systems, nor do I work strict office hours. I provide regular analytics, updates and advice plus continuously work with you to get the most from your email database.

Give you email marketing the VIP experience

The solution I offer is suited for companies who want a simple to use, cost effective way to send and track their email campaigns.