The Few Who Feel The Law Doesn’t Apply To Them

Everyone Has To Wear A Face Mask In Supermarkets

Everyone now knows you have to wear a face mask in supermarkets – walking into Tescos not wearing a mask would be like turning up at a funeral wearing Bermuda shorts – you would very quickly realise you wasn’t dressed in the correct attire.

So why do some people feel the rules do not apply to them?

Tesco in Yiewsley

On my last visit to Tesco I was pleasantly surprised by how many people were wearing masks, a bit of a surreal sight but one that made feel rest assured people were taking the new law seriously.

But then two young girls, in their late teens to early twenties strolled by looking more out of place than a pork chop on a Vegans dinner plate, not only did they not have a face mask on but they carried a look of smugness – a “I dare you to say something to me” attitude. They have had to notice they were the only ones without a mask.

Why have they chosen to ignore the new rules placed on society – do rules do not apply to them, just everyone else?

What made the situation worse was that the girls walked past the security guards at the top of the escalator and numerous staff members and were unchallenged by those who are meant to have a duty of care for their customers and fellow colleagues.

I totally get why the general staff wouldn’t want to get involved but security are also there for the protection of shoppers, right?

The fact they were unchallenged annoyed me the most – had they decided to walk out without paying for their shopping, I am sure security would have stopped them.

Are retailers then saying that profit is more important than the nations safety and health? I hope not.

Why not play an automated message over the tannoy informing them that the wearing of the masks is actually law and the failure to follow this rule could result in a £100 fine? Why not give the security guards the power to issue these fines?

Throughout the remainder of my shop I witnessed a few more examples of these special few who seem to be exempt from the rules followed by the rest of us … nearly all the unmasked were in pairs or small groups and all around the same age group of college students.

Maybe they were all exempt under the government rules, who knows.

Are these people the same people who wouldn’t think twice of parking across your drive or taking up two parking space in the carpark?

I am no Victor Meldrew, nor a jobs worth, nor someone who needs to get a life – I am someone who lives with a family member who is still classed at the highest at risk for Covid-19 – witnessing others disregard the rules on social distancing & face masks feels like they are showing a total disrespect to the rest of society.

If there is a second wave then it will be families like mine who will suffer the most – we have only recently been able to break a 12 week home quarantine – the idea of being forced into another one is soul destroying.

Those of you who decided to shun the rules put in place to protect us all, I have only one thing to say:

Shame On You

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