Mail shots to our clients regularly is a vital part of our business, and Paul has been our go to guy for several years now.

When we decided to change our platform, Paul was on hand to guide us through the myriad of options and his advice has proven to be invaluable as we migrated over to our own server and software.

As Paul had no vested interest other than getting us onto the very best set up, we knew his advice was impartial and it speaks volumes that Paul has actually saved us money by steering us towards simple and effective components such as Amazon SES and Sendy (newsletter software).

Once he’d helped us choose the right platform, server and software, he walked us through the set up and installation and had us up and running within 2 days. On the odd occasion that I needed a question answered or some technical help, Paul was just a quick call or email away…

Now that we are three weeks into our new set up, I can confidently recommend Paul and PWOB to any company looking to take their eMarketing into their own hands.

Thanks Paul. You certainly know your stuff!

James Ryan

Clearpoint Business Services Ltd

James Ryan