GDPR Compliance

Introducing GDPR365

GDPR365 is a new cloud based service aimed at the small to medium sized businesses, who want a fast track way to becoming compliant and remaining compliant.

GDPR365 gives you all the tools you need to protect your business by helping you improve how you handle personal data, be it your employees, customers, partners or suppliers.

GDPR Screen Grab

By following the setup wizard (Business Interview) you will be able to get GDPR365 up and running in no time at all.

The GDPR365 service covers the following areas:

  • GDPR guidance – Help and advice on hand.
  • Compliance assessment – Find out what you need to do to become compliant.
  • Data Protection Officer – Do you need a Data Protection Officer?
  • Governance – Communicate your data usage and protection policies.
  • Employees – Get your staff up to date on what their obligations are with training and awareness programs.
  • Compliance – Protect the right of the individuals whose data you store.
  • Data sharing – Reduce your liability by defining contractually exactly what processors can do with the personal data you share with them.
  • Subject access management – Manage subject access requests from your website with our easy integration tools.
  • Processors – Protect the data you outsource to 3rd parties, like payroll.
  • Data breach management – Manage how you handle data breaches, from logging to reporting.

Additional Services

Consultancy service
Managed onboarding