Email Delivery Problems

Email Delivery Problems Solved

If you send an email, be it transactional or marketing, you would expect it to simply arrive at the recipient’s in-box ready for them to read, right?

Due to more aggressive spam filtering, incorrect DNS setup and bad practices, getting emails into inboxes is becoming a headache.

Are you doing everything to give your email the best chance of reaching your subscribers?

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Why are emails we send not arriving?

If you send an email, be it marketing or transactional you would expect it to simply arrive at the recipient’s email box ready for them to read, right?

It should be that easy shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case…..

For many people getting emails into inboxes is becoming a constant uphill battle, with more aggressive self learning spam filtering technology becoming the norm.

Incorrect SPAM Classifcation

Emails can be incorrectly classed as SPAM and moved to the recipient’s junk folder or quarantined at the server level for administrator approval.

Did you know that some mail servers can be set to ‘black hole’ emails that are classed as ‘likely’ to be unsolicited emails? Shockingly these emails are deleted before even arriving at the intended subscribers inbox.

Sending IP and Domain

gmail-ymail-outlook-logosIf your sending IP address or domain name has a low sending reputation, ISPs like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL can ‘reject’ your emails, which prevents your emails even leaving the sending mail server but instead being refused at the point of connection.

Are you using a shared or dedicated IP?


Then there is DKIM, SPF, DMARC, these all have an influence on the likelihood of emails successfully being delivered, if any of these protocols are missing or set incorrectly will cause an immediate negative effect, this could mean your emails potentially being marked as a phishing threat and dumped into spam or even rejected.

And there’s more!

Incorrectly set mail servers, poor data management, high bounce rates, spam complaints and honey traps are all additional issues to be avoided.

Lastly but in no way least important, there is also content, subject line, HTML content, font colours, wording, font size and even lack of personalisation can all have a negative impact.

There are more reasons I could mention but to be honest I think you get the message from the examples above, there are many factors involved when it comes to email delivery.

How can I help?

I understand all the above pitfalls and have helped many clients find the problem areas in their email infrastructure and make recommendations and quick fixes to help improve deliverability.EmailHQ_Final_72

You can either take my advice and make the changes yourself or I can take the lead and help implement the required changes for you. Whichever suits your companies setup will work for me.

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