Smart Reply for Gmail

Smart Reply from Gmail is a great time saver, especially when your on the move.

smart replySave time with Smart Reply in Gmail, Inbox and Allo

It’s fairly easy to read emails while you’re on the go, but responding to those emails isn’t always effortless. Smart Reply from Google, saves you time by suggesting quick responses to your emails. Already driving 12 percent of replies in Inbox shows its usefulness and as of May 17 2017 you can start to use Smart Reply within Gmail for Android and iOS too.

Smart Reply suggests three canned replies based on the message you received:

Once you’ve selected one, you can send it immediately or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text. Either way, you’re saving time.

Smart Reply utilizes machine learning to give you better responses the more you use it. So if you’re more of a “thanks!” than a “thanks.” person, we’ll suggest the response that’s, well, more you!

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This Site May Be Hacked

Google Search Shows This Site May Be Hacked.

What to do if you see this message.

After many years of negotiation I finally managed to secure the purchase of which I am absolutely over the moon with. Once I had the domain securely registered in my account I went about transferring the new name to my site.

Just before I made the transfer I Googled the domain to see the current listing and was horrified to see the message this site may be hacked. 


Well I knew my website hadn’t been hacked as the domain wasn’t even pointing to the WordPress DNS yet, so it must have been an issue with the previous domain owner, I had to get this message removed ASAP as I wanted the domain live and working.

Google Webmaster Tools

After some research I found an article that directed me to register my new domain on Google Webmaster Tools and once live I would be able to request the warning to be removed from Google Search.

Google Webmaster Tools >

google webmaster

I went ahead and added the domain name and verified ownership, a couple of clicks later and I had found the warnings and the means to get this issue resolved.

Simply navigate to the newly added domain name and then select > Security Issues, then tick the box to confirm you have fixed the issues and click REQUEST A REVIEW, your then get a pop-up box asking to confirm how to fixed the hacking problem, complete this and click submit.

security issues

Obviously, if your site has indeed been hacked you will need to make sure the issue is resolved first!

Manual Actions

There was also a way to request the review via the Manual Actions section but unfortunately the message has since been removed from my account, I would suggest you take a look here just to make sure there isn’t something important.

You will find this section under Search Traffic > Manual Actions.

manual actions


After about a week I received an email from Google stating that the review had been successful and that the warning had been removed from their search results.

So far I’ve had no issues from any other traffic source and everything seems to have been resolved. I feel like a bit of an idiot for not running a Google search earlier, but hey i’m not perfect and we learn from these things.

Hope this helped

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It increases visibility across each project as well as aligning every dependent function within the business. Teamwork Desk incorporates the customer into the equation. It streamlines all contact between you and your customers by way of a ticket management system.

Teamwork Projects

It creates a much more efficient process for handling customer queries. Teamwork Chat is an instant messenger that can be used by all of the team for immediate communication.

Each of the three products integrates together seamlessly. Every user has the ability to create an action within each product that influences activity in another. E.g. Creating a task for Teamwork Projects as a result of a ticket received in Teamwork Desk. Teamwork Projects

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Intuitive Design

Teamwork Projects Dashboard


Teamwork Projects Pricing

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