How to identify forwarded emails to

I have 3 existing email addresses which are all forwarding to my email account. Over time I would like to update these old email addresses on their associated accounts, mailing lists etc to my new address.

But without manually inspecting each received email to see the to field, how do I identify which emails have been forwarded and which ones have been sent direct to address?

The answer is to forward emails to a unique label address

  1. Navigate to the All Labels page and click on the + new icon

2. Create a new label, name it whatever you want, I have called mine forwarded for this example.

3. Now navigate back to the all labels page and click on the newly created label.

4. Click on the options link located in the top right hand corner of the page.

5. Boom – under SEND TO THIS LABEL you will see a unique email address for your newly created label. Now simply setup your existing email account to forward to this unique address. All the emails received via it will automatically get labelled with forwarded. Helping you identify forwarded email.

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