is a breath of fresh air

A recent post on Reddit from a user mentioned that they would not be renewing their subscription, but would instead move to – I’d heard of the platform but knew little more than its name. So yesterday afternoon I signed up for their 14 day free trial (no credit card required) and within a few minutes I was enjoying a welcomed email environment.

As a user myself I had forgotten how easy traditional email was, an inbox rather than an imbox, it felt like I had finally returned home. One of the main recommendation points from my unknown Reddit friend was that had a very tight privacy policy, with no adverts or tracking, they also block tracking pixels, the same as Hey.

$5.00 a month gets you their standard package which comes with a ton of features I have long missed in an email application. Built in calendar, notes, file system, a much missed snooze feature and custom domain support. Compared with’s $99.00 per year for email only, the feature comparison between the two are worlds apart.

The fast in is obvious the moment you login to the web version, it’s seriously fast, lightning fast.

As I am only 24 hours into my trial period I won’t right a full review just yet, but plan to write one in the very near future. The one thing that has let them down so far is their support, it’s now been 24 hours since I contacted the support desk and I still have heard nothing apart from a support ticket number, on the other hand as replied to support queries within the hour, even over the weekend.

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