Email Delivery Consultant

Email Marketing Solutions

Looking to outsource your email marketing to a professional with 20+ years experience?

  • Managed e-marketing campaigns – One off or regular, I am flexible
  • Which method of email delivery to use – Need help deciding if to outsource your email marketing, bring it in-house with a self hosted solution, or use one of the many ESPs (Email Service Provider) on the market.
  • Email address validation – Check the validity of your data in real time using an API connection or bulk upload your existing subscriber list.
  • Bespoke development and API connections – If you have an old in-house solution you want to upgrade or change where your emails are pushed.
  • Email Marketing Best Practice – The do’s and don’ts of email marketing
  • Email Delivery Audit – Delivery configuration check and spam score testing, find out why your emails are being classed as spam or worse still, not being delivered at all.

Transactional Email Delivery

Password reminders, booking confirmations and account status emails are all crucial emails, are you using the best solution to ensure inbox delivery?

  • Amazon AWS Simple Email Service – Custom Integrations & Managed Setup
  • SendGrid Email Delivery Service – Custom Integrations & Managed Setup
  • Email Delivery Audit – See what’s really happening to your emails
  • DNS configuration – DKIM, DMARC, SPF
  • Spam Score Testing – Why are your emails being junked?
  • Bespoke – Automation, better reporting, dedicated or shared IP addresses.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

  • GDPR Compliance – Are your opt-in forms and privacy notices GDPR compliant?
  • GDPR re-consenting – Get your existing subscriber list compliant.
  • GDPR Audit – Get an audit to make sure you are doing everything to fulfill your GDPR obligations.
  • Help deciding to manage GDPR in-house or outsource

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Phone me on 01895 604444 or email

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