Emails being marked as SPAM or disappearing into cyberspace

Don’t get caught in the SPAM trap

I’ve been consulting on email delivery for over 15 years now, so you could say I have learnt a thing or two on my travels. Email delivery is becoming evermore complex and trying to get your head around the technical aspects of it can be a sure way to a banging headache and the urge to knock email on the head and revert to pen and paper.

I have tried to cover as much as possible and hope the information in this post can help you in your time of need.

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My Journey to Google Geek

Out with everything Microsoft

This is an old blog post I never got around to publishing, so thought I would share it now as it’s still relevant.

The turning point

Back in 2007 saw the release of the very first iPhone, PCs started to come shipped with Microsoft Vista and iMacs were still the new kid on the block (oh and let’s not forget first-iphoneRihanna’s Umbrella song stayed in the charts for an incredible 10 weeks.)

Microsoft were still the default choice for most things and I hated it.

Then one lazy afternoon later that same year, I read an article about the increasing popularity of the iMac and as someone who likes the underdog, it wasn’t long before I purchased my first Linux based machine.

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Common G Suite myths put to bed

Google G Suite

Google G Suite is a set of Powerful Online Office Tools powered by Google with pricing starting from £3.30 per user per month.

Available G Suite Modules

Gmail Calendar Google+ Hangouts Meet
Docs Sheets Forms Slides
Sites Drive Cloud Search Admin
Vault Mobile G Suite Training

G Suite is fast becoming a real contender to the Microsoft’s Office 365 market, but still many people are lost in the Microsoft bubble. Worried that a move away from Office could be a risky one or that G Suite can’t offer the same corporate grade solution or support. There are some misconceptions about Google G Suite which I wanted to clear up.

Common Misconceptions

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Is Gmail for business a true alternative to Microsoft Office 365?

Can Google offer business class email?

This is not a comparison blog post but my attempt to thwart the misconceptions that Gmail isn’t a business class email solution.

The core G Suite services are Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms and Google Drive, but for this article I am going to concentrate on Gmail for business rather than the full G Suite.

Since the launch in April 2004 Gmail has risen to be the market leader as a consumer email provider. The days when everything was Hotmail have well and truly gone, and with Yahoo struggling to reboot their business, Google have email well and truly bagged.

As of Feb 2016 Gmail had a staggering billion active consumer users worldwide.

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