My New Caricature Design and Video

A thank you to Mike Bryson


Mike Bryson is one of the foremost and most experienced caricaturists in the UK.

Previous Design

Not being the most photogenic of people I decided on a caricature for my online profiles rather than a real photo. So about 10 years ago I asked Mike to design me something I could use for Blogging, social media and in my email signature.

To the left is what he come up with, and back then was a very good likeness of me. But over time people change and with way too many glasses of Rioja, horse size portions of home made Spaghetti Bolognese, working from home with 4 adorable children in the background and not enough sleep, life took it’s toll. I had put on a little weight, gone a little grey and gained a couple extra worry lines.

A recent meeting with a new client brought home that I needed to update my caricature, the guy was gobsmacked that it was actually me. I felt like a fraud, one of those guys who uses old photo’s on dating sites to gain interest of potential dates, but in real life looks nothing like his profile picture. I decided I need a change.

The New Design

paul o'brien
2017 Design

Personally I love it, I think it really resembles me and looks more than professional enough to use on all my online profiles. Mike did a fantastic job and turned this around in less than 24 hours.

My wife and kids found it all quite funny, Dad worrying about how he looks and how he is perceived online. But for me it was important, I don’t normally get to meet my clients face to face so having something visual that showed I was a real person was a must.

How I have changed over the last decade.

The Video

Mike has a last minute surprise for me, he emailed me a link to a video he had made using my latest caricature . It’s a new idea he had been playing with and wanted my feedback on it.

I loved it, thought it was brilliant, so much so that I am hoping to work with Mike to bring these to the UK market. There are plenty of companies who offer cheap landing page video’s that are of poor quality but none as good as the one below. It’s not my voice that’s used and pardon the comedy factor but I hope you see the potential.

Have a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you’re interested in getting your own video made then complete the form below and I’ll email you some more information.