Google Voice For Business – Getting Started

Google Voice has been around for years, but Google seemed focused on the USA and Canadian market rather than their global reach.

There was partial service for the UK but it didn’t have any of the bells and whistles that our friends in America were enjoying.

That was until recently, I say recently because I don’t quite know when. I can’t believe I missed the launch, but hey ho. I signed up and got myself a decent number yesterday, as setup wasn’t completely straight forward, I thought I would share the process of setup with you.


To use Google Voice you need an active G Suite subscription, if you haven’t got one, you can sign-up from here


You can signup for a Google Voice account via their website They offer a consumer account for personal use and a business account for work. As I will be using mine solely for work, this post is going to concentrate on the work accounts.


Prices range from $10 for starter, $20 for Standard and $30 for Premier, the prices are per user, per month. The table below shows you what is included in each of the plans. I opted for the starter plan as the extra few options for another $10 wasn’t worth it for me.

Google Voice for Business

The above pricing doesn’t include your outbound phone calls, but my primary purpose for getting a Google Voice number is for inbound calls. Their pricing is a little confusing as it talks about using your mobiles data rather than minutes.

Rate per minute (GBP)

United Kingdom£0.01
United Kingdom – Freephone£0.00
United Kingdom – Mobile£0.02
United Kingdom – Mobile – EE£0.01
United Kingdom – Mobile – O2
United Kingdom – Mobile – ORANGE£0.01
United Kingdom – Mobile – THREE£0.01
United Kingdom – Mobile – VODAFONE£0.01

If you were using this service in the USA or Canada then most of your calls would be free, as so smugly mentioned on their web site. I don’t know why they haven’t followed suit here, I am hoping its just around the corner. Fingers crossed.

The odd thing about their pricing is that it lists calls from the UK to the USA as free of charge, but not UK to UK.

Assign a phone number your user(s) accounts.

You need to be the G Suite administrator for your organisation. Login to the g Suite administrator console via once logged in navigate to Apps > G Suite > Google Voice.

Google S Suite

* Make sure service status is set to on

Now select Service Management which is located at the bottom of the page.

Service Management

From here you can allocate licenses, create locations, assign new numbers and port numbers from another service.

You need to create a location first, otherwise you wont be able to assign a phone number to a user.

You don’t have to accept Googles number suggestion, just click change and search for your perfect number.

Once the numbers have been assigned your users will receive an email confirming their new numbers and giving them further instructions on getting setup.

Calls can be made and received on the web at you can also access individual user settings via the same link.

There is also an Android and IOS App available.

Let me know what you think of Google Voice

I’d love to hear your experience with Google Voice, so please take a minute to comment below. It would be handy for a future post I have in mind.

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