Content is as Important as Design

The internet is completely saturated with WordPress themes, finding the right one can quickly become a massive headache and a huge waste of valuable time.

Go ahead and run a search on Google forWordPress themes and see how many results are returned.

About 1,120,000,000 results (0.39 seconds). That’s a lot of pages.

Searching for the perfect WordPress theme can be a timely experience, and I have learnt the hard way after wasting hour after hour bouncing from one site to the next.

My search for the perfect WordPress theme become more like groundhog day.

I’d find a theme I liked, the demo looks amazing and I start to imagine how fantastic my site is going to look. After a few clicks, I become the proud owner of said theme. A quick download and installation later and it’s time for some tinkering, then more tinkering, a little more tinkering, maybe a little more …. (you get my drift)

After installing the 50 or so recommended plugins (a slight exaggeration maybe) you finally get the chance to sit back, put your feet up on the desk and give yourself a massive pat on the back for creating such a fabulous masterpiece.

But .. It doesn’t end there does it?

You then decide you NEED to upgrade to Pro to get all the missing features. (only the best for my site) Once you’ve parted with your hard earned cash, you spend more time tinkering, then braking some part of the theme, searching for a fix on forums, getting angry with yourself, trying to work out why your WordPress site is loading so slow. It just carries on.

A day or so passes and the initial excitement dwindles away. The realisation that your site looks nothing like the demo version after all.

So then begins another hunting exhibition for that Best WordPress Theme 2019. Sound familiar?

A Warning about Demo Data

Ah, I forgot about the themes that let you import their demo data so you can have your site looking exactly like theirs. If it works and I reiterate (if) it works, then you are left with a website that looks like the demo. This sounds good in principle, but often this can land up causing you more work than starting with a blank canvas, not always the case, but often enough that you should think seriously before importing any 3rd party data.

And today lucky readers I have a Pro tip for you …

If you have your WordPress blog set to automatically post your new posts to your social media accounts, make sure you disable this before importing demo data, or… as I found out the hard way, each of the imported sample posts will create a social media post too.

I had the painful task of sitting in front of my PC for close to an hour deleting all the social media stuff accidentally posted, from hand cream guides to bloody happy pills.

I’ve got a little sidetracked, so back to the original reason for posting this late in the evening. Some of the newer themes on the market are HUGE, they do some really clever stuff and can make your site look very professional. Most themes make a good job of stirring up your creative juices, which is good, as long as it doesn’t distract you from the main purpose of your blog, good content.

I say STOP &THINK, do you really need all those bells and whistles for a blog?

Your content needs to be engaging, personal, interesting and above all something people will want to read.

It’s so easy to get lost with the different templates and plugins on the market, it’s hard not to be taken in by some of the page builders now available. All these things are important, but only after you have something interesting for your readers to want to take the time to read.

Every evening I hand write at least a thousand words in my notepad.

Why? because I nearly forgot how to write, I become lazy and my handwriting become really poor and my hands started to ache after a few paragraphs.

DON’T let your online writing suffer the same. There is so much truth in the term “A picture is worth a thousand words” but lets not allow pictures to completely replace the fine art of writing.

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