A Little Bit About me

When I haven’t got a good book in one hand and a glass of my favourite red wine in the other, I tend to be in my home office, either working on a consultancy project or on one of my own ideas. Recently I have also been having a shot at blogging.

I’ve run online businesses for over 20 years and I genuinely love what I do, technology has evolved so fast, at times it’s been hard to keep up. The kids of today don’t know how lucky they are to be born into such a tech savvy age.

I’m a problem solver at heart, I’ve always been the go to guy, I love it. I enjoy troubleshooting and researching ways to streamline those mundane processes most businesses contend with.

I love web based software, so wherever possible I try and run as much of my business in the cloud as possible.

As well as managing my own portfolio of online businesses I have also held the position of CTO for a multinational digital magazine and Technical Director for a UK company that specialises in marketing automation software used by some of the world’s biggest car brands.

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