Office 365 – Custom Domain Woes

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a major Google fan, at one point a little bit fanatic even, owning a Pixel book, Pixel 2 XL phone and using G Suite for nearly every task.

But not wanting to become too complacent, and hearing of improvements to their 365 platform, I decided to take another look at Microsoft Office 365.

I hadn’t tried anything Microsoft for years due to being well and truly hooked to Google’s ecosystem.

So late one recent Tuesday evening I decided to take a peak and see what was going on in the world of Microsoft.

Unless it bared the Google logo I wasn’t interested.

The trial signup was straightforward enough and the subsequent admin dashboard felt intuitive, so far so good. I wanted to give the trial a fare bash, so to get a true feel for the system I decided to add a custom domain, meaning I could properly test the email functionality.

Adding a Custom Domain to Office 365

I cannot exaggerate how difficult this process was, for some reason 365 didn’t want to pick up my DNS changes, if this had been my main domain name it would have left me without email for 24 hours, which is how long it took for the Microsoft support people NOT be able to help me.

I’ve used DNS for around 20 years so I am more than capable in adding a few records without much fuss.

In the end I solved the issue by removing the domain name and adding it back again, not the best of starts.

I guess you could argue this wasn’t a fair test, throwing the towel in at the first hurdle and all. But if I found the process this hard i’d worry about future problems. Their support team were close to useless, combining the two and it was enough to lose any confidence I had in them.

Due to this I saw no point in continuing with the trial.


I am going to remain in my beloved Google world and go into hibernation until the summer.

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