Where Currys PC World is Going Wrong

Currys PC World is the UK’s largest electrical store, selling everything from fridges, washing machines, PCs and hoovers.

With the retail market experiencing a slump is customer spending, I thought it would be useful to share my experiences, and to give a little advice as to where I think improvements could be made.

My guess is that the white collars at Currys HQ will not listen to the words of an ordinary customer, but the next time they are discussing falling sales, they might want to consider the following.

Staff Training is Key

If I already knew the exact item I wanted to buy and didn’t need it there and then, the chances are I’d had already ordered it from Amazon and saved myself a few quid and a short car journey. But when I am looking for expert advice and help to decide what to buy, you would expect someone in Currys PC World to be the perfect person to turn to.

So why is it, that the last three times I have been to one of their stores have none of the staff I spoke to been trained on the products they are selling? I felt embarrassed for them when I asked questions and they had to refer to the little card in front of the product for reference, or had to grab a tablet computer and read to me what was on their website.

If I find myself more knowledgeable than the person helping me then it doesn’t build much confidence in the company, I wonder how many times a week these shop assistants give out incorrect information?

I have always been treated with respect and the assistants have always tried to help where they could.

Of course, it’s not their fault, it’s up to their employers to give them the training and tools they need to represent the company they work for. More knowledge means more sales, a better reputation, happier clients and staff who experience more job satisfaction. These guys and gals are in the perfect position to be brand ambassadors and be specialists in their field.

Have Products in Stock

The past three times I have attempted to purchase from a Currys store I already knew what I wanted to buy, I had decided to shop in person because I wanted the product straight away. All three times I visited, and each for a very different product, I was told they were out of stock!!

But I need not worry as they could get it delivered to the store free of charge by the next day, and lucky old me could make another trip to visit them and collect it. Or I love the suggestion that I might want to drive a further 8 miles up the road to another of their stores that has one in stock.

In total Currys PC World has lost out on sales totalling £1400

So tell me what these stores offer that gives them the edge?

Why would I go to all this trouble of visiting a retail store when I can order online, get free delivery and normally get a better deal. The only way companies like these are going to stay in business is by knowing the ins and outs of their products, by employing real salespeople and not shop assistants and to keep a good stock level.

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