eBay’s unfair return policy

I’ve been an eBay member since 2004, I only really use the account to sell my old tech, but since 2004 I have been able to keep my feedback at 100% and up until now I have been a happy customer.

That was until I sold my sons phone back in Feb 2019. He’d just moved over to an iPhone so wanted to sell his Google Pixel 2, the phone was 13 months old and he’d never had any issues with it.

The buyer had the phone for close to 3 weeks and then decided the battery life wasn’t as good as they expected and wanted to return the item.

I had listed the phone as not returnable, I also printed that returns were not permitted in the description. But this didn’t matter to the buyer, who raised a return request stating the phone was faulty and not as described.

I messaged the buyer informing them there wasn’t anything wrong with the battery but she was insistent that the battery was faulty and that I had sold it to her knowing this.

As the same time as my original message eBay decided to remove the money from my Paypal account, i’d withdrew my account balance weeks previous, so their action took my balance to a negative balance. Paypal was prompting me to add funds to bring my account back into good standing.

But why would I do this? i’d sold the item as non returnable.

Anyhow, the buyer said they had spoken to Google and was pleased to hear that the phone came with a 2 year warranty and that the phone could be repaired or replaced free of charge. The buyer needed proof of purchase so I emailed her a scanned picture of the receipt.

Ain’t I just so helpful

Then there was quiet, nothing back from the buyer. I raised a complaint with eBay that they were still holding my money and I was not at fault.

eBay replied stating that I should contact the buyer and try and resolve the issue, which I’d already done. But fearing this wouldn’t end well for me I messaged the buyer again, asking how things were and if they was now happy with the phone.

A few days goes by and then a reply is received. The phone had been off with Google and was due to be returned today, nice as new. But… they was going to speak with eBay about “how their policy works”

Tens minutes later eBay closed the case I raised and said they found the investigation in the buyers favour and that they would arrange the return and refund.

What the hell!!!

This proves that eBays no return policy is not worth the paper it’s written on, from the tone of all their communication with me, it was clear they always side with the buyer and I was going to lose the battle, whatever I said.

They have no proof the phone was faulty and the phone the buyer is sending back may not even be the one I sold her in the first place.

eBay have had a total disregard for the fact this has stolen tons of my time and has prevented me from using my BUSINESS Paypal account.

The buyer has been able to give me the runaround knowing full well they had me over a barrel.

14 years of being a customer meant nothing to them ….

It goes without saying, I will never use eBay or Paypal again.

Is it just me or have others been affected by eBay and their terrible return policy and customer service?

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