What to do if you see this message for your website.

After many years of negotiations I finally managed to secure the purchase of PaulOBrien.com which I am absolutely over the moon with. Once I had the domain securely registered in my Godaddy.com account I went about transferring the new name to my WordPress.com site.

Just before I moved the domain name to WordPress I decided to Google paulobrien.com to see what was shown on the current search listing.

To my shock and surprise the search results had a warning attached to my domains listing – This site may be hacked. (I know I should have checked before I purchased it)


Well I knew my website hadn’t been hacked as the domain wasn’t even pointing to the WordPress DNS yet, so it must have been an issue with the previous domain owner. I had to get this message removed ASAP as I wanted the domain live and working.

Google Webmaster Tools

After some research I found an article that directed me to register my new domain on Google Webmaster Tools and once live I would be able to request the warning to be removed from Google Search.

Google Webmaster Tools > https://www.google.com/webmasters/


I went ahead and added the domain name to Google Webmaster Tools, verified ownership and a few minutes later found the hacked site warnings and the means to get the issue resolved.

How to remove the listing

Simply navigate to the newly added domain name and then select > Security Issues, then tick the box to confirm you have fixed the issues and click REQUEST A REVIEW. You’ll then get presented with a pop-up box asking you to confirm how you fixed the hacking problem, complete this and click submit.


Obviously, if your site has indeed been hacked you will need to make sure the issue is resolved first!

Manual Actions

There was also a way to request the review via the Manual Actions section but unfortunately the message has since been removed from my account, I would suggest you take a look here just to make sure there isn’t something important.

You will find this section under Search Traffic > Manual Actions.



After about a week I received an email from Google stating that the review had been successful and that the warning had been removed from their search results.

So far I’ve had no issues from any other search engine and everything seems to have been resolved. I feel like a bit of an idiot for not running a Google search earlier, but hey i’m not perfect and we learn from these things.

Hope this helped

I hope the above article helps and if you have any questions please comment on this post and i’ll try and answer where I can.

Posted by Paul O'Brien

Technology Consultant & Google Enthusiast

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