We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try later. (Error #1000)

As I have recently acquired a new domain name I decided I would go ahead and change my primary domain on my Google G Suite account. I had done this once before without any issues but this time around things weren’t that simple.

The Dreaded Error 1000



The Process of Changing your Primary Domain

The process should be a simple one, you login to https://admin.google.com/ and navigate to domains. google-admin-domains

Then select Add/Remove Domains


Then next to the domain you want to make your primary domain, select MAKE PRIMARY.


Once selected you will receive a warning pop-up like below:


You then confirm you want to proceed by clicking CHANGE PRIMARY DOMAIN and you should then be done, but wait…. what’s this error message 1000?


Calling on Google for Help

I contacted Google via chat and very quickly received a reply stating that this was a known temporary issue and that I should wait 24/48 hours and try again, I put my trust in their suggestion and waited, 72 hours in fact, then tried again.

Nope, still getting the same error, so back to Google and this time by email, a full 24 hours goes by until I receive a reply stating that my case had been transferred to their admin team and I will get a reply ASAP.

The very same evening I receive a phone call on my mobile from an international number, I don’t normally answer these as most of the time they are overseas call centres trying to sell me something, but this time I decided to pick up and was greeted by a friendly American chap from Google.

Partner Program


After a little bit of small talk Diego jumps straight in and mentions the fact I had applied for the Google G Suite Reseller Program last year and that I had some live referrals in the system. My new best buddy then said he had spent a few hours investigating the error 1000 on my account and that the problem was caused because I had applied to be a reseller and that once you have applied Google doesn’t allow you to change your primary domain. It’s something to do with fraud prevention.

According to Diego my options were limited, I could either withdraw my application and lose my current referrals, change the domain and then apply again, or wait until I had made the target 100 referrals, be accepted into the program and make the change then.

So there you have it

Due to the hassle I abandoned the domain change idea and suggested to Google that instead of the unhelpful error 1000 they may wish to consider showing a message that simply says “As you have applied to be a Google Partner you can not change your primary domain”

That message would have saved me tons of time, I had searched Google for hours trying to find what was causing the error and found nothing useful, I would never have guessed it was being caused by my wish to Partner with Google.

I wanted to share my experience in the hope it may save someone else going through the same problems as me.

Feel free to comment below to let me know your experiences.

Posted by Paul O'Brien

Technology Consultant & Google Enthusiast


  1. I have the free subscription G Suite and got the same error when I tried to swap my primary domain. I can’t ask for Google’s help since I have the free subscription. I asked around the forum and searched about the error and still no result. I also waited for 24 hours and still have the same error until now, is it because I have the free subscription?



    1. Hi, my understanding is that you can not change the primary domain while in trial, you should be able to add additional domains while on trial, hope this helps



  2. Hi! I am receiving that same error message, having the free G Suite service, but only when I try to create a new group. Do you know why could this be happening? Thanks!



    1. Hello, do you by chance have an alias name already set up for a user that matches the one group name you are having issues with?



      1. Yes, Paul. Thanks for your answer. You know what? I tried creating other groups… I mean, with other names, and nothing. It just will not allow me to create a new group, and I don’t know why.


  3. Also getting this error while trying to swap primary domain. I am absolutely sure I nevver applied forthe partner programme. I guess they just want the free legacy domains to be able to swap primary anymore. For me that is an issue, because it seems that the domain alias only works for the primary domein, and not for secondaries,,,



    1. You have hit the nail on the head, Google want everyone on a paid plan so will make it harder and harder to remain on the free legacy accounts



  4. Same situation here, I’m from Italy.
    I can’t do any change in my free legacy account: every time I try to save changes the error #1000 message appears.

    I think the Same, Paul. Unfortunately Google want everyone on a paid plan 😦

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, at least I’m not alone 🙂



    1. Sorry to hear you have been effected too, I think you have to way up how important it is to change your domain v having a free account



  5. WOW! Thank you so much for this post! Had exactly same problem and solved it in seconds after finding your post! You are the BEST!



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