As I was already a very happy Pixel 2 XL user and a lover of all things Google I was eager to try out the new Pixelbook. Nearly all UK retail stores were out of stock but I managed to track one down at Curry’s PC World in Tottenham Court Road, London.

The minute I copped a feel I knew I would land up owning one, the feel of the build is fantastic and with an impressive screen and top notch spec, half an hour later I was walking out the door the proud owner of a new Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen.

Setup was fairly straightforward for both the book and pen, I was up and running within 15 or so minutes and looking forward to getting to know my new friend.

Then the fun began

Google Assistant not working

Clicking the dedicated Google Assistant key  Google Assistant launched a quick tour flash page inviting me to click next, when I did as instructed the window disappeared with nothing happening afterwards, I tried several times with the same end  result and a feeling of bewilderment.

I’d also noticed the Google Assistant option was greyed out in my Pixel Pen menu. laptop-desktop

I am not going to list the countless fixes I tried, I’ll save you my monotonous dronning and get straight to the point.

The reason why Google Assistant didn’t launch was because I am a paid G Suite client and as a G Suite customer there are tons of extra layers of security preventing me doing the simplest of things.

How to fix the Google Assistant issue

1) Sign in to the admin console
2) Go to >> Device Management
3) In the left menu click on Chrome Management
4) Click on Android Application Settings
5) Activate the two checks for the Android Applications

  • Enable Android applications to be managed through the Admin Console
  • Enable Android reporting for users and devices

Save the changes

6) Click on User Settings
7) Now go to the section called Android Applications and change the values of the policies as shown below:

  • Android applications on Chrome Devices (BETA) – Allow
  • File System Migration – No File System Migration
  • Access to Android applications – Allow

Save the changes

9) In your Pixelbook, launch the Chrome browser and and copy and paste chrome://policy/ into your browser and click Reload Policies
10) The Play Store should now show at the bottom of your screen, you will have to accept the terms of service for the Android Applications.

Once the above process is complete your Google Assistant should start working.

Posted by Paul O'Brien

Technology Consultant & Google Enthusiast

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