Smart Reply for Gmail

Smart Reply from Gmail is a great time saver, especially when your on the move.

smart replySave time with Smart Reply in Gmail, Inbox and Allo

It’s fairly easy to read emails while you’re on the go, but responding to those emails isn’t always effortless. Smart Reply from Google, saves you time by suggesting quick responses to your emails. Already driving 12 percent of replies in Inbox shows its usefulness and as of May 17 2017 you can start to use Smart Reply within Gmail for Android and iOS too.

Smart Reply suggests three canned replies based on the message you received:

Once you’ve selected one, you can send it immediately or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text. Either way, you’re saving time.

Smart Reply utilizes machine learning to give you better responses the more you use it. So if you’re more of a “thanks!” than a “thanks.” person, we’ll suggest the response that’s, well, more you!

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Written by Paul O'Brien

Based in West London, Paul O’Brien has worked within the email, SMS and Virtual Call Management industry for close to 20 years. PWOB Ltd is the company Paul runs and owns, with it’s name being his initials.

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